Brands are built with brains. With beauty. With awe. With laughs.

Here are a few miscellaneous spots and films I’ve made that I am proud of and would like to share with you before you go.

Roundabout Theatre Company

We just finished this brand film, campaign and new identity for our pro-bono client, the Roundabout Theatre Company. The voiceover is Liam Neeson.

Central Park Conservancy

I made a digitally mapped projection film celebrating the Park’s 150th anniversary that played on the Bethesda Staircase in Central Park. Music by Sting, read by Kevin Bacon.

American Express

I did a sprawling, global campaign for American Express. We made spots all over the world and they were all as beautiful as this one.

ITT Industries

Part of a corporate campaign I made for ITT Industries:


Here’s an anthemic spot for Verizon’s FiOs service.

AmEx on the Super Bowl

This commercial with Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz was voted #1 on the Superbowl by the readers of USA Today.


This is souvenir from the wild dot-com days of the late ’90s. (Contains nudity. Kinda.)