Chevron “We Agree” TV

A big idea that defines a brand. Around the world. In many situations. For years.

Chevron is one of the largest companies in America but its values and role in our economy were sorely misunderstood. The “We Agree” campaign is rooted in the very language and imagery of the protests lodged against oil companies and big corporations and turning it around. The work shows the common ground that exists in this crucial area, ground that communities, economies, and the future can be built upon.

This case study video summarizes the ambition and success of the campaign pretty well.

The TV is very real, using real people, real Chevronians, shot in a simple and direct way. It’s a small step from the aesthetic of a video blog.  The two people speak with passion and concern, their words interweaving, demonstrating how surprisingly  much they have in common. And we’re not afraid to tackle tough subjects very directly.

Not everything has to be confrontational. Here’s a spot celebrating Chevron’s support for education:

Our spot for AIDS Day was simple, emotional, a variation on our standard format:

I directed the first spots we did overseas:

We have now produced spots in the Middle East, Angola, Indonesia, Australia, Kazakhstan and are about to start production in Thailand and Eastern Europe.